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THE Gathering of the Drams a series of whisky events, tastings, visits, dinners to celebrate the Homecoming

1000's Pipers and drummers in Stirling a superb spectacle awaits you. 

World Pipe Band Championships in August, Glasgow, see 250 pipe bands! 

Whisky, Beer & Scottish Cultural long weekend, September group tour.

Check out the Loch Ness movie. WE DESIGN CLAN TOURS for any Clan Society or group, just ask FARQUHARSON, MACTAVISH OR MACLEAN, or other clans we have toured with us over almost 20 years. Coming in 2014; David Eddleston group. Cochrane tour. Other clans welcome.


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WALLACE. On 5 August, 1305, he was betrayed by one of his own compatriots near Glasgow, Scots knight Sir John Menteith, who was said to have turned over a bannock (a flat oat-cake) on a tavern table, a sign to the English that the brigand was among them. Wallace was taken prisoner, and then tried in a 'mock show trial' in England. Other accounts say he was taken in his sleep. Wallace was paraded, like an animal through the streets of London, on 23 August, 1305, he stood "trial" in Westminster Hall as a traitor, charged with breaking his oath of fealty.

The fact that Wallace had never taken such an oath to Edward or the English was of no consequence, and the charge was derisory. He was an example to be set to all of Scotland - to disobey the word of Edward, was to mean death to any Scot who dared such insolence. His crime was his challenge to Edward, the unity of the Scottish people, and the victory of Stirling Bridge. His death was to be an obscene spectacle and allowed him little dignity. He was dragged on a hurdle from Westminster, four miles to the Tower, and from thence to a copse of elms at Smithfield. He was hanged, cut down whilst still alive, drawn - his abdomen opened by dull blades, his entrails pulled violently out and burnt before his own eyes, cruelly emasculated before his pained and dying eyes. After all this, finally, mercifully he was beheaded. His head was impaled upon a pike and placed above the London Bridge. His remaining body was further mutilated by being quartered and was exposed by the open sewer of Newcastle, another at Berwick, a third at Perth, and the fourth quarter of Scotland's greatest patriot was put on display at Aberdeen.

Seven months later, that nobler chief chose himself, in the person Robert the Bruce.

Bruce would, in time, go on to make Wallace's dreams of an independent Scotland; a Scottish people free of English tyranny, oppression and dominance, a reality -- if only for a time.

The Bruce Trust ( ) But the biggest challenge of all will be raising the funds to create a centre worthy of the memory of the Bruce. To do so the Trust needs help, a great deal of help. That's where those with a common interest in the Bruce and his massive contribution to the formation of the United Kingdom as we know it today, can come in. We hope to establish a number Friends of the Bruce Trust organisations, hopefully, not just in Dumfries but all around the world. We know from those who have contacted our website that there is a massive interest all over the globe. The main contribution of the Friends will be helping us raise funds to ensure a centre is up and running although we will welcome any suggestions and help that is offered sincerely. If you would like to become involved please contact the Trust on  for more information.

Get yer ears around this and feast yer eyes!  Friend of mine on Mull, Neil, gave me this, guaranteed to get you tappin fingers and feet and singin along - time after time, like me!