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June 2010; Connel.

Paul (mcleanscotland) met up with the Minister for Tourism; Jim Mather, at Connel Bridge recently.

They have been chatting/emailing etc for some time now and thought it was about time they met up, so, a meeting was arranged and they met in Connel, near Oban on 11 June. If you ever get chance, do try the Oyster Inn there, it is superb. Anyhow, they met up to chat on tourism, what else?  Jim and Paul have been chatting on various things but just now on the state of Scottish tourism and Oban area, not to mention the second Homecoming in 2014 (which we have had online since 2009).

A good place to meet, as Paul was "hatched" here, not the Oyster Inn mind, but Connel. Photo left shows Paul disbelieving the length of Jim's email address! Long? aye then a bit!  Oh did we say, Jim's office is Oban? well aye it is, two Obanese chatting.  What DO YOU call people frae Oban? Obanese? Oban-ites? Obans? Obannies? (NO)