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The truth is that as Cawdor Castle was not built until the late 14th century, it is impossible for King Duncan to have lost any blood  in this particular house!

King MacBeth. The Tour.

Macbeth was born about 1005. His mother was daughter of King Malcolm II of Scotland, his father was Findlay, chieftain of Moray. Macbeth married Gruoch, a widowed grand-daughter of King Kenneth III.
Macbeth brought Duncan's rule to an abrupt end on 14 August 1040, Duncan was mortally wounded at Pitgaveny, and died at Elgin Castle in Moray. Macbeth was crowned High King of Scots at Scone outside Perth.

Would you like a tour designed around this famous King of Scots? It will be mainly up north in Moray and that area, as it was there he was from.  We will visit palaces, kirks, beautiful scenery and discover more about this hero King - the real story, not that flap from Billy Shakespeare. Macbeth was Thane of Ross by birth and Thane of Moray through his marriage to Lady Gruoch, which under the system, gave him as much claim to the throne of Scotland as King Duncan I. The Duncan of Shakespeare’s play was an elderly wise king, but this too is misleading. Duncan was young, had only ruled for six years and was a weak, arrogant monarch.  When Macbeth defeated him in battle and assumed the throne, it was generally regarded as a good thing. Furthermore, having gained power he is commonly thought to have ruled well. His 17 years as king brought peace and unity to Scotland, so much so that in 1050 he was able to make a pilgrimage to Rome. But trouble was never too far away with Duncan’s two sons waiting in the wings. Donal was brought up in the Hebrides and did not pose much of a threat, but on his father’s death, Malcolm had escaped to Cumberland where he was brought up by English relatives.A number of attempts were made by Malcolm’s supporters to put him on the Scottish throne. Siward, the powerful (Viking) Earl of Northumberland and a relation of Malcolm, led an army into Scotland in 1054. They marched as far north as Dunsinane. in Perthshire, and engaged Macbeth in furious battle. Thousands of Scots died, and Macbeth was forced to retreat further north to Moray. Two years later Malcolm led another army into Scotland and met with Macbeth at Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire, in 1056. Macbeth was mortally wounded in battle - not necessarily by Macduff - and died a few days later. His stepson Lulach ruled for a year until he too was killed by Malcolm at Essie in Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire. Some historians believe that if Macbeth had not died and Malcolm III not become king Scotland might have remained a separate nation to this day … and might even have conquered England.  NOW THERE’S A THOUGHT …





IT IS hard to think of anyone who has had a worse press than the much-maligned anti-hero of the "Scottish Play". Shakespeare’s Macbeth was a no-good murderer who killed the good and fair King Duncan, but received his comeuppance. Shakespeare took liberties. To say the least. Och he was English!